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Storywhere – audio guide around the world

Storywhere is an audio guide that provides interesting information around the world. With its help, you can get acquainted with various places, events, people, activities and facts.

The main difference from other audio guides hosted on the Krokam platform is that Storywhere is not limited to a specific topic, country, location or list of objects. It does not require pre-prepared materials, translations or voiceovers. This guide works directly with the Internet: the user enters a request, and the system provides an answer in the form of photographs found on the Internet, a brief description-summary, and an automatic synthesized voiceover.

The audio guide supports 3 languages (Belarusian, English and Russian) and a developed Web version accessible to all users.

We always welcome feedback and are open to suggestions! If you have ideas for improving the service or feedback on our work, write to us at